Replace the criminal and corrupt L.A. councilmembers with candidates actually compromised with the people, not the real estate.

Before endorsing any candidate, ask them to sign a contract with the people, and follow our IRCC political platform adherent with the Los Angeles People's Assembly principles.

In order to replace the city council with abolitionists and socialist candidates, we need a city wide coalition, one single party or organization can not do it alone.

www.ircc.la is here to fill that void to form that city wide coalition, to indict and replace the city council

(indict as a public indictment)



The real minimum wage or FAIR MARKET MINIMUM WAGE for Los Angeles is $42/h and it takes less than 1 hour to learn this, just visit these websites:

1.) NATIONAL LOW INCOME HOUSING COALITION 2023 report: City of Los Angeles 2-bedroom apartment $42.73/h Minimum wage. https://nlihc.org/sites/default/files/oor/California_2023_OOR.pdf .

2.) The Insight Center Family Needs Calculator: La County, 1 adult + 1 child school age= $48.48/h- 2 adults 2 child school age $42.62 per adult. https://insightcced.org/family-needs-calculator/

3.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Living Wage Calculator: city of Los Angeles, 1 adult + 1 child $44.20/h two adults + 2 children $45.79 https://livingwage.mit.edu/

It is sad that politicians do not want to talk about the $42/h minimum wage.

But it is heartbreaking that we socialists and abolitionists neither speak about the $42.

I urge you to do the “ONE HOUR RESEARCH” now.


  1. I [ name of candidate ] swear under penalty of perjury that I will resign my position, if I vote against or abstain from voting in favor of our political platform as published in www.ircc.la/

  2. I will join the other candidates for the other districts, named in www.ircc.la/ To make a campaign together, I will say vote for our slate instead of only say vote for me. I will include all our candidates and our political platform in any and all flyers, speeches and publications that I will make.

  3. If it happens that there are more progressive candidates supported by LA Assembly, for the same district I am running, we will decide who runs and who becomes a supporter and staff, through a raffle sanctioned by LA Assembly.

  4. If I am elected it will be not by my personal charism and qualifications, but for our political platform and support from the Assembly. It is my obligation to make reality our political platform to serve the people who voted for us.

  5. All the campaign decisions and modifications to our political platform will be made by the LA Assembly Electoral committee and/or LA Assembly, including changes on endorsement of candidates.

Sincerely [ name date and signature of candidate ]


  1. Minimum Wage $42.25/hour Linked with cost of living. Strong Unions.

  2. Rule money out from Elections

  3. Restore Constitutional and human rights to all people.

  4. Implement the People’s Budget (PeoplesBudgetLA.com)

  5. Indict and replace police force (laid off OR firing) and rehire decent people, Defund Police

  6. Escalating fines to empty houses. (except owners of 5 or less units)

  7. Housing is a human right - establish community land trusts.

  8. Environmental justice, Green new Deal

  9. Tax increases on the wealthy

  10. Cancel Student Debt

  11. Free & Mass Public Transit

  12. Report to the people each day at 6pm (youtube, facebook live, digital media) .

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